Health Planning

Health Planning

WellFlorida specializes in community health planning activities throughout Florida. Health planning typically involves members of a geographically defined community whose goal it is to improve availability, accessibility and quality of healthcare services for a better quality of life. This public process includes identifying community needs, assessing the capacity and resources to meet those needs and then, ultimately, developing a community health improvement plan.

WellFlorida’s health planning activities range from small to large geographically and in specificity and scope. Some examples include:

WellFlorida regularly conducts Health Needs Assessments, which typically include demographic, socioeconomic and health status information that is used to identify areas where targeted interventions and policy changes may have the greatest impact. See some examples of our work. We conduct assessments for:

Counties and regions

Statewide health issues

Hospitals—Hospitals are now required to meet specific IRS requirements. WellFlorida is uniquely positioned to help hospitals focus their efforts and meet the requirements specified in Form 990. Learn more.

WellFlorida has assisted with statewide health planning activities targeting persons with specific health issues. In partnership with the Florida Department of Health, Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Program (BSCIP) and the Brain Injury Association of Florida (BIAF), WellFlorida developed a comprehensive, consumer-directed strategic plan that addressed the needs of Florida’s traumatic brain injury (TBI) population. In addition to the TBI Strategic Plan 2009-2014, WellFlorida created a needs and resource assessment, a fact sheet with an overview of TBI in Florida, and helped BIAF plan, brand and promote TBI public awareness events in Tallahassee. WellFlorida has also partnered with the BSCIP and FAAST Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Resource Center to create Florida’s first long-term SCI strategic plan, the SCI Strategic Plan 2010-2015, and a needs and resource assessment. Learn more.

WellFlorida is the designated local health planning council for 16 counties in North Central Florida. As such, WellFlorida has been addressing the healthcare needs in this region for more than 40 years under a variety of federal, state and local health planning initiatives.

WellFlorida assists the state in health planning by providing services for the Florida Certificate of Need (CON) program. The CON process is intended to ensure that new healthcare services are needed within a particular region or community.

WellFlorida strengthens community health improvement programs and services through resource development activities such as grant research, writing and management, fostering collaborations and enhancing community outreach with professionally designed communications tools. In addition, WellFlorida can help bolster program performance by directly providing an organization with program management services.

WellFlorida responds to the diverse health needs and health improvement objectives of the varied communities in North Central Florida and beyond through our health planning expertise. Our strength lies in our ability to forge partnerships in planning, research and service that help to build healthier communities.

For more information on WellFlorida’s Health Planning services and expertise contact:

Jeff Feller, MSISE
Chief Operations Officer

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