Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m a CEO from a nonprofit hospital. I understand we need to do a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA). What are the benefits of a CHNA and how do we proceed?

A: Nonprofit hospitals are required to conduct a CHNA according to the IRS. CHNAs help to identify unmet needs and service gaps in the their areas. A CHNA poises hospitals as leaders who have identified the health needs of their communities and are working towards solutions to meet those needs. A CHNA can be used as a call to action, engaging community members through public awareness messages, creating programs and policies that work and collaborating with other organizations to bring about positive change. WellFlorida has a long-standing reputation for producing professional, objective CHNAs. Read more about the IRS requirements for CHNAs and how WellFlorida can help you meet those requirements.


Q: I see that WellFlorida is home to a number of nonprofits. What is the relationship of these nonprofits to WellFlorida?

A: WellFlorida provides program management services for local, state and federally funded programs, special projects and nonprofits throughout the region. For example, fiscal administration, staffing, quality assurance/improvement and marketing are just some of the services we provide to our Affiliate Partners.


Q: We are a government agency working on a project to address chronic disease in North Central Florida. How can WellFlorida partner with us to improve health in the area?

A: WellFlorida has years of experience working on such projects. We can work with you to assess the needs and available resources of your communities, write grants for programs that promote wellness, build coalitions, manage health related programs, provide marketing tools and evaluate your program’s success. See some examples of our work on the programs and portfolio pages of our website.

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